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Will I be able to watch the channel from the Internet?
Yes, the channel will be available through our platform, which will start out as a WebTV.
Will I be able to launch a masternode from my in-home set-top box?
Yes, the set-top will contain a version of our platform, which includes a feature that will allow you to host a masternode using the platform.
My masternode has been running for a few days, and still hasn’t received a reward. Do I need to do anything?
Congratulations on successfully configuring your masternode! The first thing to do would be to check your masternode status on your local wallet or VPS, depending on how you configured it. Also, the first reward usually takes longer to receive, which will depend on the amount of masternodes currently on the network and block time.
Can I submit my own content on the platform and receive funding?
Yes, any project will be considered on the platform, and upon a favorable vote will it be funded.
Is ABP content solely focused on cryptocurrency and Blockchain information?
No, ABP content will cover an array of different genres and types of video productions such as sporting events, artistic performances, major film production and television series. Also, proposals can be based on any type possible as the audience decides the content they want to view.
My wallet is not syncing up properly?
There are a few things you can try before losing hope. Try to completely close your wallet and restarting it. If that doesn’t work than in your wallet configuration file try adding the addnodes that are specific to the Blockchain. The last resort would be to completely resync your entire Blockchain which could take a few hours.
Is this a paid Youtube channel?
No, ABP is not a paid service. Content is voted by masternode holders, and funded through a governance fund provided by the Blockchain.
Will content from ABP Network be available throughout the world?
ABP content will be accessible through the Internet in the form of a WebTV, which will be accessible worldwide. With our set-top box, the content will be even easier to access.
My coins keep going immature or pending when I receive coins through staking, which doesn’t let me use them.
This is normal, PoS requires a portion of your coins to mature and confirm by the Blockchain to receive the specific block reward associated to solving that block. Proof of Stake mining works on a percentage basis.
I am getting an error message, when loading up my wallet?
Take note of the error, and make sure you properly entered the lines of code in any of the wallet and masternode configuration files before contacting support.
Can I stake my masternode collateral?
No, a masternode collateral is used solely to receive the attributed masternode percentage of block rewards. Being locked, the collateral secures the network in the form of a node.